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Turismo para el desarrollo – Barcelona

In Barcelona for two days to participate in a la Caixa funded conference about Responsible Tourism and local economic development and pro-poor tourism.

Responsible Tourism is being taken up in Spain. There are now specialist operators focussed on Responsible
Tourism, and some or the larger operators (Sol Meli? & Exceltur) are beginning
to address the CSR agenda. Salvador Palomo estimates that the market is now
some 250,000 tourists and growing. 

Xavier Font pointed out that the problems are political
rather than technical lack – we know what needs to be done, we know a great
deal about how to do it – the problem is to motivate people to do it.

The first Spanish guide to Responsible Tourism has been
published Carlos Tuduri  Turismo Responsable Athena and there are
several websites.

Taking Responsibility for Development Through Tourism  PowrPoint

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