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Trip Advisor needs to be taken seriously – by the reviewed and the reviewers

Trip Advisor was launched in 2000, by 2010 it had become the world’s largest travel website with the vast majority the content user generated. In Haworth, Bronte Country, with our Masters students the summer, it seemed that every tourism related business was proudly displaying its green circles environmental health certificate and its Trip Advisor stars.

Trip Advisor is taken very seriously by businesses – they know what damage a poor review can do.

But those who write reviews need to take them seriously too.

“Adam Tudor, a partner at Carter Ruck, a leading firm of libel lawyers, said it is always possible that a UK hotel, or a member of staff, could also choose to bring claim against a user.

A reviewer would have a complete defence however, as long as he or she can show that what was said was “substantially true”, or that they were “merely expressing an honest opinion based on facts which existed at the time”.


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