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Travel Matters: The new ABTA Manifesto

The merging of the Association of British Travel Agents with the Federation of Tour Operators in July 2008, with a  new Chief Executive and the impending 60th birthday or ABTA has created propitious circumstances for introducing a stronger responsible tourism ethic into the new ABTA. ABTA now has a team of people working in a Department focused on Destinations and Sustainability


The ABTA Manifesto demonstrates the change in emphasis at the new ABTA. It remains committed to pursuing the collective interest of its members: recognition, fair taxation, successful businesses, quality and providing confidence for customers.


The new ABTA is seeking to develop jobs that are more rewarding through enhanced training for staff; recognises its Responsibility in a Finite World to reduce carbon emissions and manage resources sustainably; to help create thriving destinations through support for sustainable tourism and Travelife. In the Manifesto ABTA recognises its roll in

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