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The Star that Matters

The First Star recognises that hotels compete for stars and suggests that this is the one, the first, the one that matters,

“So here’s the thing. For all the wonderful ways hotels compete for their star ratings (room size, quality of furnishings, guest amenities, restaurants) ? there’s nothing that helps travellers identify hotels that treat their own staff and the environment with care.”

Ethical Hotels have ?
1. Fair Work Agreements with their staff, which means staff haven?t been prevented from collectively bargaining for decent wages and working conditions.
2. Environmental Leadership ? supporting renewable energy and minimising pollution, waste and carbon footprint ?
3. Fair Trade-supplied coffee, chocolate, and other essentials

?We believe hotels are ready to take this next step, and the more travellers demand ethical hotels, the faster hotels will get on board. So register your support here & tell your favourite hotel to sign up? and you can watch their video at the site

Read more about this new marketing campaign at The First Star

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