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Spread the word about Travaid and join our advisory panel

Increasing numbers of people want to put something back into the place or the community where they have travelled on holiday or business. At  you can find some excellent local initiatives to donate to � these have been screened by us and our advisers and we believe that they will make a significant difference to the people an places you have visited. Take a look at the projects and click through to make a donation through the Big Give.

You can help by
1.    publicising this new opportunity for assured destination giving � please spread the word.
2.    we are keen to develop more partnerships with tour operators and hoteliers in originating markets and destinations please encourage potential partners to contact us
3.    if you would like to nominate a project or join our advisory panel please follow the links on or email  � we would be delighted to hear from you

Travaid provides a mechanism for assured giving to worthwhile local initiatives � it is the safest and most efficient way of giving back and it adds gift aid to your donation if you are a UK taxpayer.

Use it.

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