Progress in Responsible Tourism

Progress in Responsible Tourism is a free open access journal published annually in two parts published in November and May documenting developments over the previous 12 months.
Editors: Harold Goodwin and Xavier Font

Progress in Responsible Tourism is evolving to have a stronger focus on the industry and on the progress the travel and tourism sector is making towards achieving sustainable development through tourism.

We do not accept Harvard referencing – the journal is designed to be read by the industry and practitioners. If you would like to publish in Progress in Responsible Tourism please email

Volume 5 Part 1 November 2016

Volume 3 Part 2  February 2015 

Volume 3 Part 1 April 2014

Volume 2 Part 2 September 2013

Volume 2 Part 1 December 2012

Volume 1 Part 2 September 2012 

Volume 1 Part 1 November 2011


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