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Plane Speaking: launches

Catherine Mack's regular column in the Irish Times has featured
“One excellent website for those of us who have to fly sometimes, but who want to do so more responsibly, is It provides some good tips, the top one being, ironically, ?take a train when possible?. A ‘smart flyer? can travel more carbon efficiently by going direct, taking minimum baggage and choosing a carbon-efficient airline. Unless you are a green plane spotter this is tricky, so the site provides a link to a carbon-friendly flight finder. This ingenious use of internet technology allows you to find your cheapest flight to a destination not only moneywise but also carbonwise. Doing a random search on a flight from Dublin to New York, it was reassuring to see Aer Lingus come out the cheapest and greenest. Even smarter, you can then go straight to the booking section and buy your flight.”

Read the rest of the piece on Plane Speaking at

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