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Marie-Sylvestre B�langer working near the arctic cirle

ICRT alumni Marie-Sylvestre B�langer is now based in Churchill Manitoba

at the 58th parallel, just short of the Arctic circle.

Marie is based at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre which 

supports scientific research in the region for MSc and PhD students.
In order to subsidies the research, the centre also welcomes groups for Learning Vacations,
and Marie is creating and managing the Learning  Vacations. 
She is already pushing for some more involvement of the locals in our activities, especially from
the Inuit, Dene and Cree communities and beginning to develop a Responsible Tourism policy for the Centre.  

Marie's dissertation was on native American tourism in the Arctic – another example of the dissertation or professional report assisting one of our graduands to land the appropriate job, as well as equipping them to implement Responsible Tourism

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