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Jessica Loudis in The Nation ‘Overtourism’ Is Driving Europeans Crazy
Tour ops count on agents to stoke the conservation conversation
‘It’s going to be big’: tourism industry prepares for one-day visa stopover boom  
UAE’s green tourism in the spotlight at Arabian Travel MarketOvertourism: word of the year
Why Responsible Tourism Maters Odisha November 30th 2017 video
Encouraging growth without damage TTG
Irish Centre for Responsible Tourism Hosts Visitor Management Conference
Costing the Earth – Tourism Tide 

A talk with Harold Goodwin on the present and the future of Responsible Tourism
The Morality of Holidays, the Moral Maze, 9th August 2017

A cruise too far: how overtourism impacts the world’s top destinations Ship Technology
Oracadian Tourism Conference in Kirkwall link
Living Planet: Responsible Tourism radio
Interviewed in ehotelier December 2015
Interviewed by Florian Kaefer for Sustainability Leaders in October 2015
Authentic Experiences need to be just that, Authentic. Arabian Travel News (p16)
Parque dos Sonhos
8th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations comes to Manchester
Leading Manchester’s Responsible Tourism
Eturbo News
Sustainable Tourism Gains Traction  The Guardian
Business Standard: Tourists should give back to local community
Deccan Chronicle: Concerted action must for RT: Expert
Interviewed by Jlag on RT and the current crisis
Opinion: ‘Green not the only hue in responsible tourism’ TTG 7th June 2013
Time for a grown up debate about all inclusives
Using tourism to make better places for people to live in RTD7
Chris Gray Memorial Lecture at Florida International University
Katrine Carstens reviews Taking Responsibility for Tourism in Sublime Magazine
Harold Goodwin on why cruise must evolve TTG 8 March 2013

Cutting CO2 would be a giant leap for travel TTG 6 December 2012
Promocio del turisme responsable Catalonian TV
Katine Carstens writing on RT in Sublime
Coverage on
Interviewed in La Vanguardia Barcelona
Myanmar National RT Policy
Travel Trade Weekly 22 June 2012
Bowland Symposium
Gambia: Responsible Tourism
On slum tourism on BBC World
Kate Stefanko interviewed about PeopleandPlaces
‘Market tourism responsibly’ The Hindu
Times of India: Phase 2 of Responsible Tourism to home in on eco issues
Responsible tourism founder visits district
Dr Harold Goodwin visits Kudumbashree units The Hindu
& Kerala News
Ecotourism ‘myth’ slammed by experts
Sunday Independent 09 October 2011
Interview on Croatian Television 16 June 2011
(35 minutes in)
We want what Kate’s wearing!
‘Responsible Tourism claims should be validated’
Responsible tourism in focus guest lecture at Modul University, Vienna
Tui: World Care Fund donations pass halfway mark TTG Live

The Kate Middleton comment was picked up by ABC News
and the Buenos Aires Herald
“I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate Middleton’s legacy is bigger than the legacy of the Olympics …in The Times
Quoted – not quite accurately – in the New York Time
Panel at International Hotel Investment Forum
Interviewed by Ron Mader

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Launch of Responsible Travel News
Earthscan Traveller did you pack your ethics?
Global Expert Alleges ‘Failure To Act’
Tourism industry pledges to work for development
Tourism industry stakeholders urged to take responsibility for sustainability
Times of Oman
Oman Observer
On the Sustainability Forum
Association of Market Towns: Launch of Small Towns for Tomorrow
Slum Tourism
Oman Observer RTD4 in Oman
Tourists are like weeds….
Carbon Offsets: The New Medieval Pardoning System?
New Zealand Herald
Travel Daily News
Business Scoop
The Guardian
RT has ditched offsetting
African Safari Club under fire over late wages
Kangaroo Island: Where ‘the finger’ is a sign of friendship
Search tool finds greenest flights TTG
The Christian Science Monitor Poverty tours travel a fine line
Belize to Host International Meet on Responsible Tourism
Community-Based Tourism ‘A Failure?’
Slum Tours: Real or Real Tacky? National Geographic Traveler March 2009
Oman, expert discuss responsible tourism
World Expert to Advise Omran on Responsible Tourism
Oman Observer
Carbon Friendly Flight Search Launches
Authentic Tourism Scotsman
Wildlife tourism booms as people holiday in the UK
Zimbabwe Independent
Hotel Sigiriya commended at WTM Responsible Tourism Awards
BA Highlife The Real Deal
Tourism expert warns trade to be wary of travel firms’ green credentials
Ethical Tourism “to continue growing”
Port Elizabeth’s attraction as holiday destination skin-deep?
r:travel on the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards
The Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2008
WTM “Force hotels to pay more for water” Nov 11 2008
International Bar Association Conference 2008
Responsible Travel and Tourism, Canada
World Travel Market
Hospitality Investment Conference Africa
Gambias gemte guld
Fyens Stiftstidende, Danmark – 30 Aug 2008
Poorism:The economics of exploitation Travel Weekly (USA) 05 May 2008
Kerala Declaration on Responsible Tourism in Destinations
Hindustan Times 02 April 2008
The Peninsula Qatar March 25 2008
New March 24 2008
Interview in The Hindu March 23 2008
The Hindu March 22 2008
Arab News 22 March 2008
Gulf Times 22 March 2008
Zee News 21 March 2008
Diary of Kerala Minister of Tourism
The Hindu 4 February 2008
Slum Visits: Tourism or Voyeurism? New York Times March 9 2008 for more coverage of Slum tourism: Pro-poor, or simple voyeurism?
Is tourism drinking destinations dry? 4 Hoteliers
The Times Reports on the 2007 Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards
Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2007
Geographical Magazine have published a smart supplement to the December edition with full details of the awards and great editorial – read it on line at
Leeds Met supports and celebrates World Responsible Tourism Day
The Responsible Holiday Challenge saw primary school children around Leeds, who are the tourists of tomorrow, creating paintings and producing collages that show what they think a responsible holiday is.
Quick fixes could cut aviation’s impact on climate change
“Cutting emissions from aviation is everyone’s responsibility and in everyone’s interests – make it your responsibility too,”
World Travel Market World Responsible Tourism Day
Travel Industry Shows Commitment for “World’s Most Ambitious Day of Action”
Kerala Conference March 2008
Kerala Announces 2nd International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations
A Boom In ‘Poorism’
NEWSWEEK Oct 15, 2007 Issue
people and places has been shortlisted
for the prestigious WTM Responsible Tourism Awards 2007
Harold Goodwin at the SATSA
Conference in August 2007
Ecoclub Interview
Chairing Driving Green Aviation Conference 30-31 January 2008
Video of reflections on progress on Pro-Poor Tourism 
ODI Conference June 2007
Kerala Tourism Conference report March 2007
Moving Beyond Ecotourism
Article on China Dialogue: October 19 2006
Interview in The Hindu Business Line
Launch of ICRT at Leeds Met 

Harold Goodwin’s move to Leeds Met

Reflection on Responsible Tourism Day at World Travel Market 2006

The good, bad and ugly of responsible tourism
by Yeoh Siew Hoon 02 August 2006


How rich are you?      Global Rich List
Olypmics Opening Ceremony

Population Growth

exceptionalpeopleandplaces – India

How rich are you?      Global Rich List
Olypmics Opening Ceremony

Population Growth

exceptionalpeopleandplaces – India

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