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Kerala Declaration

The Kerala Declaration on Responsible Tourism in Destinations was passed today, the declaration focuses on practical actions which can be used to achieve Responsible Tourism in Destinations, the Kerala Declaration can be found on line at

The Kerala Conference was attended by 503 delegates from 29 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America to engage in four days of discussions about the movement's progress in achieving the aspirations of Responsible Tourism – delegates shared their experience, renewed friendships and made new ones – leaving the conference reinvigorated and determined to increase the pace of change.

The Minister sent a closing message to the conference: “we have to share the benefits from the tourism industry with the local people and join hands with local self-government bodies to create durable institutions the will take the Responsible Tourism agenda forward”.

In Kerala the local press led with Declaration's exhortation for people to delve deeper into the claims made by Responsible Tourism companies and travellers – check that the claims are more than mere rhetoric. You can blow the whistle or debate the issues at

The declaration is long and comprehensive (but not the last word on the subject!) reflecting the breadth of experience and the passion of the conference. The Declaration was amended word by word on the floor of the conference for most of the fourth day.

The on line participation has also been excellent with over 1000 people logging on. Thanks are due to Kathryn Paley for running the on-line event – take a look at the Declaration and comment on the forum or the wiki.

The Conference presentations will be updated tomorrow on

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