Indian Supreme Court intervenes to assist in tiger conservation

The National Tiger Conservation Authority in India has issues new comprehensive guidelines on conservation and tourism under the 1972 Wildlife Act. §10.17 refers to tourism

“Since, tourism has been happening in areas of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries which are now designated as core or critical tiger habitat, regulated low impact tourism (visitation) would be allowed in such areas subject to site specific carrying 22 capacity. However, no new tourism infrastructure should be permitted in such core and critical tiger habitats. Further, the buffer forest areas should also be developed as wildlife habitats with the active involvement of local people living in such areas. This would provide extended habitat to tiger population for its life cycle dynamics, besides benefiting local people from ecotourism activities in such areas while reducing the resource dependency of people on core or critical tiger habitats and human-tiger interface conflicts. The opportunities for stakeholders would include management of low cost accommodation for tourists, providing guide services, providing sale outlets, managing excursions, organizing ethnic dances and the like.”

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