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Ian Care: Thinking Outside the Box

Ian will make you think – I found these interviews really stimulating. Do not be put off by his listing on LinkedIn.

Ian Care is an award-winning innovator who has provided technical, project and innovation leadership, acclaimed by and delivering £multi-million benefits for Rolls-Royce plc. where he worked for close to 30 years. He has delivered continuous improvement across many projects, applying strategic thinking, specialist design skills and acquired engineering breadth resulting in reduced cost, scrap / duplication, improved productivity, quality and enhanced skills, knowledge and confidence. Engages with external partners to leverage the best intellectual property and cost results. Strong skills in creative problem solving and product development. Patented several designs. Adds value through retaining a passion for on-going learning for himself & others, whilst improving our products for the customer. Experienced in the Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and FMCG industries across a range of engineering skills.

He specialises in creative and structured thinking techniques such as Systems Engineering, TRIZ, & QFD. Improvement tools such as Lean, Kaizen, 6 sigma.

Ian extols the virtues of virtual travel 

There is a systems thinking course at the OU 
There is an MSc course at Cranfield 

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