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Good point – but beeing widely misunderstood

Pete Campbell has written on the Thomas Cook website about 5 Endangered Places to Visit Before They Disappear, it comes with a really useful Infographic, one I shall use in my teaching.

Pete Campbell demonstrates how much human activity is damaging our natural and cultural heritage and he has linked it to Davos and the World Economic Forum meeting about which there has been much critical comment in the British press, world leaders jetting around the world and indulging in luxury.

It is a clever piece – perhaps too clever. Out on twitter and in the blogosphere many are not realising that the piece it tongue in cheek and Thomas Cook is reaping a back lash – the point is being missed.

“From the impressive snow caps of Mount Kilimanjaro to the romantic city
of Venice, these are places under threat from changes in the
environment. So to tie in with the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting which is currently being held in Davos, we have produced this exciting infographic which identifies our top 5 holiday destinations to visit before they�re gone.”

Take a look

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