Future Proofing Tourism in Pembrokeshire

I had the privilege of speaking at a Pembrokeshire Tourism event on Future Proofing Tourism, they recognise that the future of the sector is in the hands of the industry. It is a rare thing now to see the sector coming together to consider competitiveness and sustainability. It was a remarkably young and dynamic and mixed group of people, all committed to making tourism better. They were enthusiastic about using tourism to make Pembrokeshire a better place to live in.

It was clear in the open space session that there was energy and commitment in the room with people ready to take responsibility and collaborate to address a range of issues including market segmentation, extending the season cluster by cluster and creating a skilled workforce able to provide decent jobs.

Like CoaST in Cornwall Pembrokeshire Tourism, has an inclusive membership open to anyone who is directly involved in the tourism economy including those who provide professional and supplier services.#

Regrettably, I had to leave at lunchtime but I am told that the 50 or so who were present “will set about defining more distinct destinations and markets — and re-doubling our ongoing conversations with politicians at all levels. ”

Tourism is looking good in Pembrokeshire. Together and with the support of their communities and politicians they will develop and maintain a great destination, one which because of its diversity can provide a great holiday offering “temporary residence” to like-minded people.

I hope to go back soon  for a holiday.

My presentation is available on Slideshare

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