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Chair of the Faversham Society  (Trustee from April 2014; Chair from June 2016- June 224 ) Formed in 1962, the Society is a Registered Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee working to preserve the heritage and fabric of the historic town of Faversham and its surrounding parishes. Created in response to modernization and the loss of historic buildings in Faversham, the Society aims to ensure that Faversham’s individual sense of place and outstanding heritage features are not lost.

Over 50 years of growth and development have shaped the Society into a complex business with many different aspects, most of which engage directly with the general public as well as with specialist researchers and enquirers. With over 1000 members and run entirely by volunteers, the Society is one of the oldest civic societies in the UK and much of its early work has since been replicated by other civic organizations, especially our Open House event.

Faversham Society website 
Faversham Society policy – the policy blog 
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This is the town where I want to die (but not yet). Edited version of the speech Harold gave as he stood down from the chair of the society

Faversham Food Festival
As well as being at the heart of agricultural output, Faversham boasts a range of eateries and is a bustling market town with Kent’s oldest market, being mentioned in the doomsday book of 1086. The Faversham Farmers Club was founded in 1727, very probably the oldest club in Britain. Harold Goodwin is a founder director of the Faversham Food Festival.

Whilst Whitstable is noted for its oysters, in many quarters Faversham’s lesser known oysters are as renowned, and Canterbury primarily for its architectural and cultural history, it is Faversham which is at the heart of agricultural production. Kentish hops, apple orchards for cider, eating and cooking, the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale fruit centre, Faversham oysters, significant soft fruit production, Macknade Fine Foods and England’s oldest brewery Shepherd Neame, all thrive in a town with good road and rail links to London and mainland Europe via the ferries and the Channel Tunnel.

One of the group of three which established tastefaversham  in March 2010 to explore and promote the taste of food and drink from the Faversham ‘triangle’ and its surrounding villages. The triangle is the area defined by Faversham, Canterbury and Whitstable. Faversham is the ‘gateway’ if you are coming from London.

Real Ale
Harold Goodwin was an early member of CAMRA and demonstrated to save the Boddingtons Strangeways Brewery  in the early 1970s. At the time it appeared that real ale may driven out by abominations like Watney’s Red Barrel, Double Diamond and the rise of pressurised keg beers. The CAMRA has led the UK’s most successful consumer campaign and real is prospering. In Faversham we have Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest continuously brewing independent. Timothy Taylor brews Landlord in Keighley, Yorkshire. 

Faversham Matters
Faversham Matters has been created to provide a platform where those working to make Faversham a better place to live in can share their concerns and activities. There are may people in the town who work tirelessly to make Faversham better – this is intended as a common platform where these initiatives can promote their initiatives and encourage others to join them.

Faversham Matters Forum
Faversham Matters Facebook page

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