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Eco-labelling Flights

sometime Fly sometime Flybe has been labelling its flights, more recently Thomas
Cook has begun to label their aircraft too, the first charter airline to do so.
 The labels are being placed at the passenger

There will doubtless be argument about the calculation methodology
and the assumptions that lie behind it. We live in an imperfect world and one
in which government refuses to act, preferring to exploit the opportunity to
impose a flat, so called green, tax on air passengers. The tax is not green
because it provides no incentive for people to fly in a less polluting way.

 Flybe and Thomas Cook
have applied the same methodology discussed at the British Air Transport Association
meeting in 2008. Most airlines are passively waiting for the EU Emissions Cap
and Trade scheme, otherwise known as ETS,  which will operate from 2012.

As Thomas Cook made clear in the 2009 Group Sustainability
Report around 95% of the group

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