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    Celebrating the decline in the value of the £ – incredible.

    The pro-Brexit Mail on Sunday ran this story last weekend. This is close to celebrating the decline in the value of the £ and the earnings, savings and pensions of anyone holding sterling. Since the UK referendum vote, the British pound has seen a dramatic and sustained fall in value. 1 USD = 1 Euro = June 22nd, 2016 68 pence 76 pence August 24th, 2017 85 pence 92 pence You can check more historical rates here. This is good for inbound tourism as the June 2017 figures from Visit Britain show Note the year on year  decline in inbound business trips of 7% More data here  The writing is on…

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    13th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations Working sSymposium 29-30 September 2017 – University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland. Tourism is rapidly growing worldwide and popular destinations are increasingly becoming dominated by tourism. This puts a strain on the infrastructure in wild, rural and built environments. Congested roads, lack of public toilets, overwhelmed rescue teams, sky rocketing housing prices, trampling pressure, soil erosion, fed-up local population, and crowding out effect such as currency fluctuations and human resources, demonstrate some of the issues communities are faced with when attempting to accommodate so many tourists. How should mass tourism be managed? Can it be managed? The main purpose of this working symposium…

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    Outlook South Asia Responsible Tourism Summit 2018

    Outlook Responsible Tourism Summit 2018 The 2017 Summit Report can be downloaded here  The South Asia Edition  ‘Staying Ahead—Vision 2020’     January 19-20, 2018 New Delhi Come help us build a sense of community, and draw strength from it, across India—and South Asia. In the third edition of our Responsible Tourism Summit 2018 & the Indian Responsible Tourism Awards, a regional partner of the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards, London, our focus will be wider. Not only will we include best practices from India, but we’ll also highlight the best and the brightest examples from some of our neighbouring countries in South Asia—Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Maldives. The idea,…

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    Paul Miedema remembered at WTM Africa

    Paul Miedema founder of Calabash Tours and a leading activist for Responsible Tourism was recognised as in the Responsible Tourism Awards in 2004. In 1990 Paul participated in The March for Hope, a protest March of white people to the townships. “I knew then, and still maintain, there is an energy and spirit in the townships that is life changing. I just want to share that with as many people as possible.” Paul died earlier this year and his untimely passing and his major contribution to the development of the Responsible Tourism movement globally was remembered and recognised again at the African Responsible Tourism Awards at WTM Africa today. The category sponsor for Best for Engaging People and…

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    Wild Atlantic Way and Overtourism

    Fáilte Ireland is  doing a substantial amount of work monitoring the environmental impacts on the Wild Atlantic Way and they are beginning to look at the economic impacts. Fáilte Ireland  recognises that there are significant congestion problems – both existing and emerging – at certain points and destinations along the Wild Atlantic Way and they are planning to tackle these in a systematic way with the relevant Local Authorities over the coming years. In some cases the solutions will be simple and in others they will be more complex. Fáilte Ireland is recognising is that they are not tackling these issues to satisfy some external sustainability agenda, but rather to…

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    Does Volunteering in an Orphanage Create a Demand for Child Trafficking?

    Australian legal scholar Kathryn E van Doore shares a summary of her recent article, “Paper orphans: Exploring child trafficking for the purpose of orphanages,” which appeared in the International Journal of Children’s Rights. Kathryn writes: “My research argues that the recruitment of children with biological families into orphanages for the purpose of orphanage tourism should be regarded as a form of child trafficking under international law. The reason that this has not been regarded as a form of child trafficking previously is because to meet the legal requirements of trafficking, the purpose of the act of recruitment must be exploitation. Exploitation is defined as, at a minimum, prostitution, sexual exploitation, forced labour or…

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    How should we understand Airbnb? Good or Bad?

    The Airbnb consumer proposition is appealing to significant market segment, but by no means all. Garry Wilson Managing Director – Product & Purchasing, TUI Group pointed out at WTM this month that operators like TUI are in a different market place offering a different fully integrated product to consumers. Nathan Blecharczyk, one the founders of Airbnb, argues that the willingness of people to stay in the home of a stranger demonstrates the demand for personal connections while travelling and that Airbnb enables travellers to “experience a place like you live there”  What we’ve demonstrated is there’s an immense appetite to travel more authentically and immerse yourself in culture… as opposed…

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    Whose destination is it?

    At WTM London this year we ran 25 events over the three days. It was the 10th anniversary of World Responsible Tourism Day and there were two brief films for the opening. The first looked back over the 10 years and the second looking forward at the major challenges.  The challenge of overtourism came up in many of the sessions, there is increasing concern that in a significant number  of destinations we are running up against the environmental and socio-economic limits to growth – there will be several panels on this at WTM London in 2017. One of the outcomes of the conversations on the Responsible Tourism Stand this year was an agreement amongst…

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    2016 Irish Responsible Tourism Awards

    Winners of the 2016 Irish Responsible Tourism Awards Announced DUBLIN, Oct 06, 2016: The winners of the prestigious 2016 Irish Responsible Tourism Awards were announced today at an awards ceremony at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8. The awards are a response to demand from the Irish trade for a new type of awards showcasing the best in Irish responsible tourism. The 2016 Irish Responsible Tourism Awards aim to inspire replication, to excite media interest, to encourage competition and celebration from across the tourism industry on the island of Ireland.   The Irish Responsible Tourism Awards are part of a growing family of worldwide responsible tourism awards…

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