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    Responsible Tourism becoming mainstream?

    Flight Centre is looking to capitalise on the trend to responsible tourism with the acquisition of Canadian company GoVoluntouring, which specialises in volunteer tourism. GoVoluntouring Founder & CEO Aaron Smith says “The sheer breadth of distribution will make Flight Centre’s GoVoluntouring a massive change agent.”  Smith will remain as Business Leader, based out of Flight Centre’s Vancouver office. Source Monaco adds Responsible Tourism read more This is the next step of responsible tourism project called ?Protection of the forest and wildlife? implemented by GIZ Vietnam. This project encourages tourists come to Pu Hu. read more The local tourism industry raked in about P1 billion during the festive season last year. Botswana…

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    Launch of Phase 2 of Responsible Tourism in Kerala

    I have written before about the importance of the Responsible Tourism initiatives taking place in Kerala and the way that because RT has secured support from both the panchayat and businesses it is firmly established and secure when the state government changes. read more Kerala is self-critical of its Responsible Tourism efforts. The government has included eight more tourist centres under responsible tourism programme. The potential of Responsible Tourism was yet to be fully tapped in the state. Anil Kumar, the Kerala Minister of Tourism, said that although the programme of Responsible Tourism had been launched in Kovalam, Kumarakom, Wayanad and Thekkady it was successful to a considerable extent only…

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    Tourist abuse of the Jarawa continues

    I wrote back in December about Tourism Abusing Human Rights and in partiular about the tourists treat the indigenous Jarawa of India’s Andaman Islands. On Saturday The Guardian reported that “Jarawa girls told to dance semi-naked for the camera as two videos offer fresh proof of official involvement in 'human safaris'” “A three minutes and 19 seconds clip, shot on a mobile phone, shows half-naked girls from the tribe dancing for a seated Indian police officer. A second, shorter clip again focuses on a girl's nudity, while men in military uniform mill around. The new evidence comes as authorities in Orissa state set an example to their counterparts in the…

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    Beyond a joke! It is time the media took responsibility

    Catherine Mack has been writing about “punters”. ?Responsible tourism? Ha! Does that mean not dropping your litter as you walk through the rainforest?? was the scathing reaction of a friend when I told her that I was taking on an Msc in Responsible Tourism Management six years ago. I tried somewhat pathetically to defend my tiny corner. Then, ?I am so tired all of this f***king eco shit? one award winning travel writer said loudly in my direction a few years later at the ABTA convention, to a round of back patting and communal cackling from his peers. By then, I had learned to smile politely and walk on. But oh, how they laughed. So,…

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    The Trouble with Chocolate

    It is difficult for a consumer to know what the truth is about the chocolate they eat. When the consumer pays more for organic or fair-trade chocolate, of the premium often around a ?1,  as little as 4 or 5 cents goes to the producer according to Chloe Doutre-Roussel author of The Chocolate Connoisseur Child labour is still a major issue and the international protocol has a target of 70% reduction in the worst kinds of child labour by 2020.  But a boycott would make it worse. Listen to the Food Programme on Radio 4   The Trouble with Chocolate

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    Good point – but beeing widely misunderstood

    Pete Campbell has written on the Thomas Cook website about 5 Endangered Places to Visit Before They Disappear, it comes with a really useful Infographic, one I shall use in my teaching. Pete Campbell demonstrates how much human activity is damaging our natural and cultural heritage and he has linked it to Davos and the World Economic Forum meeting about which there has been much critical comment in the British press, world leaders jetting around the world and indulging in luxury. It is a clever piece – perhaps too clever. Out on twitter and in the blogosphere many are not realising that the piece it tongue in cheek and Thomas…

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    Climate policy: Oil's tipping point has passed

    Professor James Murray and Sir David King, the former British Government chief scientist conclude in today's Nature. They present data which shows that the supply of oil has increased with demand but that since 2005 it has stagnated at around 75 million barrels a day, this stagnation has occurred despite an increase in the price of oil running at 15% per year. Increased demand has resulted in higher prices, not more production. Production has become inelastic, unable to respond to rising demand and resulting in price instability but on an upward trajectory. Fuel price spikes contribute to economic crises. Murray and King conclude that the world will need an additional…

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    Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Children on Cunard Ships

    Businesses which bring staff and children into close proximity need to consider their child protection polices and their implementation Today’s Daily Mail reports that a man who once worked on two of Cunard’s ships is being investigated by police over allegations that he indecently assaulted child passengers. It is claimed the crew member carried out the sexual assaults on Cunard’s flagship the Queen Mary 2 and its sister vessel Queen Elizabeth. Detectives started the investigation after a tip-off thought to be from the parents of one of the children involved, all of whom live in the UK. A Wiltshire Police spokeswoman said last night: ?We can confirm we are investigating…

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    Surcharges are back

    In my post about 2012 a few days ago I pointed to the decline in the value of the British ? as an issue likely to impact on travel and tourism this year. Already TUI’s specialist brands, Exodus and Skibound, are reported in today’s Independent  to be imposing surcharges on school skinning trips as a result of significant cost increases arising ?aviation, transportation fuel and other costs.? By the law the operator has to absorb the first 2% and if the surcharge exceeds 10% the holidaymaker is entitled to cancel with a full refund and there is a list on the ABTA website of approved surcharges. At a time when…

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    Optimism of the Will, Pessimism of the Intellect: 6 Priorities for2012

    For the optimistic bit, the agenda for action, go to the end ? it is in bold! We can do something about our sustainability. It is a matter choice – our collective choice. As Jared Diamond concluded in his study of how societies choose to fail or survive … we are the cause of our environmental problems, we are the ones in control of them, and we can choose or not choose to stop causing them and start solving them. The future is up for grabs, lying in our hands … for the most part we “just” need the political will to apply solutions already available.” ? We need to…

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