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November 4th Responsible Tourism at WTM London
October 24th There is growing demand for sustainable travel – don’t miss out
April 11th WTM Africa Responsible Tourism Winners
March 29th Why Responsible Tourism matters
March 10th WTM RT News
March 09th  Resilience and climate change
January 19th The 2022 WTM Africa Responsible Tourism Awards
November 25th The Responsible Tourism Programme and & Awards Across WTM in 2022
November 25th In 2021, the World Responsible Tourism Awards went global
November 25th COP26 – aviation untouched – again
October 28th WTM RT News 
October 27th Procrastination and JFDI
October 27th Code Red for Aviation 
October 25th Responsible Tourism at WTM London, November 2021
October 19th WTM Latin America announces the second edition of the responsible tourism awards
September 30th The 2021 Global Responsible Tourism Awards
September 30th WTM Responsible Tourism Advisor to lead travel debate during Dcarbonise Week
September 23rd COP26, Biodiversity and Destination Resilience at WTM London
September 23rd The Platform for Change Directory
September 23rd Never mind the patter watch the hands
August 9th Climate Change is a Business Risk
July 28th Time to change: Procrastination is deadly and expensive
July 20 Is there a business case for Responsible Tourism?
July 13 Taking responsibility has commercial value
July 06 Ubuntu matters in travel & tourism – WTM’s new Platform for Change will enable us to share solutions
July 06 Now is time to take responsibility – the new Platform for Change will enable us to share solutions
June 29 Travellers and Holidaymakers are looking for responsible businesses and destinations – stand out through the Global Responsible Tourism Awards
June 22 Why Sustainable Tourism Failed
June 16 Technology can help us meet the challenges of Responsible Tourism
June 10 Travellers and holidaymakers increasingly recognise the need to travel more sustainably
June 02 We learnt to live with influenza. We’ll have to learn to live with Coronavirus
May 24 RT at Arabian Travel Market
May 18 We tell the wrong stories about Africa
May 05 Tourism and Biodiversity: Friend or Foe
April 27 Cause for optimism on climate change? But Aviation lags behind
April 22 Why Decarbonising Aviation matters and is urgent
April 09 Two Decades of Responsible Travel
April 07 Launch of Global Responsible Tourism Awards 
March 30th Responsible Tourism at WTM Africa has global relevance
March 23rd Narratives Matter
March 16th Will we build back better?
March 9th Resilience moves centre stage
March 2nd What can tourism do for biodiversity?
February 23 We cannot continue with Business as Usual
February 16 Pandemics and Climate Change
February 9 Nature Strikes Back: Denial, Delay and Mistakes
February 2 COVID-19 reminds us that we are a global industry with global responsibilities
January 26 International travel relies on a rules-based international order


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The Pandemic and Tourism in Africa

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COVID-19, Resilience and keeping in touch


Tourism & Racism
Employing the Differently-Abled 


Hydrogen will power the next generation of planes

WTM symposium showcases the science of zero-carbon aviation fuels

Offsetting and the aviation industry are being challenged

Carbon Offsetting too good to be true 

The aviation industry is our sector’s Achilles’ heel


Progress on Overtourism


Will we make tourism better? An interview with Taleb Rifai

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