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    Corruption rife in the UK?

    The UK Department for Business & Trade defines corruption: “Corruption is defined by Transparency International as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.” The Crown Prosecution Service defines fraud here I don’t remember this being an issue in the last century – if it was I don’t remember it making an appearance in the media. There was fraud and crime and it led to prosecutions. Then came the government’s VIP Lane for  PPE “The Judge agreed the VIP lane conferred preferential treatment on bids: it sped up the process, which meant offers were considered sooner in a process where timing was critical, and VIPs’ hands were held through the…

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    Neo-Liberalism in the UK

    Abandoning the EU habitats directive and nutrient neutrality  The UK had safe water. Then Brexit allowed the Tories to flush away our environmental standards How raw sewage has affected rivers in England and Wales – in maps Broken-rail

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    Margaret Tharcher calls for ACTION on Climate Change

    Margaret Thatcher’s Speech to United Nations General Assembly (Global Environment) November 8th 1989 listen to the clip  ….. as the British scientist Fred Hoyle wrote long before space travel was a reality, he said “once a photograph of the earth, taken from the outside is available … a new idea  as powerful as any other in history will be let loose” . That powerful idea is the recognition of our shared inheritance on this planet. We know more clearly than ever … that we carry common burdens, face common problems, and must respond with common action. And second, as we travel through space, as we pass one dead planet after…

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  • Faversham,  Flood Risk

    Faversham Flood Risk

    “Climate Central is an independent group of scientists and communicators who research and report the facts about our changing climate and how it affects people’s lives. We are a policy-neutral 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Climate Central uses science, big data, and technology to generate thousands of local storylines and compelling visuals that make climate change personal and show what can be done about it. We address climate science, sea level rise, extreme weather, energy, and related topics. We collaborate widely with TV meteorologists, journalists, and other respected voices to reach audiences across diverse geographies and beliefs.” You can use the slider on their site to see how much greater it may be…

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    The energy market is not working to benefit consumers in the UK or Europe – here is why

    This crisis is occurring because of the way the government structures the markets. Consumers cannot access cheap green power, we all have to buy expensive power. We pay more as residential consumers in London than in any other capital city except Rome. The data is here and it is clear.  In the UK more than half our electricity is generated from non-fossil fuel sources, and yet renewable energy  has not protected us from expensive power. The price of gas sets the price of electricity!  The most expensive form of generation sets the price. Moreover, of course, we consumers can’t switch out of electricity – cheap electricity has not benefited consumers.…

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    Boris Johnson is still Prime Minister & Elective Dictatorship

    Several friends have written from around the world to ask if I have broken open the champagne to celebrate. I have not. Johnson is still PM, he is still in power. Some of the candidates to replace him would likely be worse than Johnson. Liz Truss is a liability.#battleforno10pic.twitter.com/ra7XbD0VEp — Angela Rayner 🌹 (@AngelaRayner) August 4, 2022 Already the dominant refrain is tax-cutting – with no transparency about where the spending cuts would fall. Steve Baker’s parliamentary Net Zero Scrutiny Group has been chipping away at the green agenda. As Helen Horton describes in The Guardian  “the green Conservatives, … seem incredibly disorganised and weak, … squabbling over whether to use…

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  • Governance Failure

    Governance Failure: Environment Agency

    The Environment Agency is responsible for enforcing environmental regulations. The Shropshire Star reports calls being made to  Shropshire Council to help clean up the county’s rivers by putting pressure on Severn Trent to mitigate the impact of sewage pollution. The problem is combined sewer overflows (CSOs). Water companies are permitted to discharge both sewage and rainwater in periods of heavy rain, this results in untreated human waste, condoms, sanity towels, wipes and cleaning products entering our rivers. The Oxford Mail reported (10.01.2022) that sewage has been ‘released’ into Witney river for 16 days. “Over the Christmas period sewage discharges from the works resulting in a Boxing Day swim downstream in…

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    Exceptionalism and Entitlement

      01 August 2021 Financial Times published revelations on Johnson’s and Party’s finances. Peter Oborne is fundraising to establish a website “which will record, sift and analyse the numerous lies, falsehoods and misleading statements of Boris Johnson and his colleagues. The website will also chronicle the role of the British media in aiding and abetting the culture of mendacity in Downing Street. Ahead of the 2019 general election we set up a website to make a record of the exponential rise in public lying by government ministers and spokespeople which followed Boris Johnson’s appointment as prime minister in July 2019. It was a full time job. However, we were obliged…

  • Climate change

    Is it time to adapt to climate change?

    Scientists have each year become more confident in their forecasts of the consequences of climate change and global warming for us, for Homo sapiens, and many other species.  Enlightened self-interest should lead us to address this threat to our existence. But it isn’t. Politicians are more concerned about bequeathing debt to the next generation than they are about greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, a far more dangerous inheritance. Nevermind the patter watch the hands George Monbiot has clinically, and with substantial evidence, laid bare the chasm between  the rhetoric and extravagant PR commitments, “higher targets appear to be a substitute for action.” Having targets and policy objectives is not…