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Balla Musa Krubally

Mr. Balla Musa Krubally was the
International Relation’s Officer at the Gambia Tourism Authority as well as the
Responsible Tourism Partnership (RTP) Coordinator until Monday 2nd June 2008
when he tragically died in a car crash while on duty travelling to the Roots
Festival Carnival. Balla Musa Krubally was a valued member of staff at the
Gambian Tourism Authority, He was an advocate for Responsible Tourism within
the Gambian Tourism Authority and a good friend of ASSET and the ICRT – West Africa.

When he died he was working on a new training programme for
the Official Tourist Guides (the OTGs) which would have enabled them to
specialise and develop their product. This would have improved their living
standards and the quality of The Gambian tourism experience.

His was an untimely and violent death and our sympathies are
with his family and friends.


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