At Scottish Tourism Week with the Scottish Tourism Alliance

March 13 & 14 in Glasgow

Workshop: Place, Volume & Quality Experiences: Are Our Destinations Full?

Wednesday March 13th, 14:00 -16:00 Crowne Plaza – Castle Suite Glasgow

This pre-STA Signature Sessions workshop with author and Responsible Tourism advisor, Dr Harold Goodwin will explore the business advantage in working with local businesses and local people to create additional experiences, goods and services for tourists.

Nobody likes the word ‘overtourism’ and nobody wants it to be attached to their destination or attraction. In the last year, an increasing number of high profile destinations, such as Barcelona and Venice as well as parts of Scotland, have been associated with the term and it has proved damaging. We do not want to feel that our own home towns and cities have been diminished or damaged by too many tourists.

So what can we do about it?

Across the world, through discussions and seminars with destination managers and marketers, national parks and National Trust properties, the industry in its broadest sense has begun to develop a “toolbox” of management and marketing strategies and interventions which will enable us to address the challenge of coping with success.

This highly interactive workshop will address the issues which participants bring to the session and offer a range of management approaches which have been developed to address the many causes and symptoms of overtourism.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is aimed at industry professionals involved in leading or managing destinations or attractions which have experienced or are starting to experience the pressures of ‘too many’ visitors.


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