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An Evening with Simon Greenbury

The first Evening with  ….. ICRT event took place at the Vintry
in the City of London
last night. More than a score of alumni and associates, gathered for drinks and
then we withdrew to the cellar bar for Simon’s informal chat about communicating
Responsible Tourism. Simon has set the tone for future events in this series – glass
in hand he shared with us his views about the worthiness of the idea of
Responsible Tourism arguing that we should look forward to a time when we could
just talk about tourism because it would all be responsible.


This provoked a lively discussion which continued in the bar
afterwards. It is clear that there are a diversity of ways of communicating the
messages of Responsible Tourism and that it is the experience that continues to
be central to our agenda, Responsible Tourism has to offer a better experience –
as Krippendorf pointed out in 1987 (earlier in German)


?Orders and prohibitions will not do the job – because it is not a bad
conscience that we need to make progress, but positive experience, not the
feeling of compulsion but that of responsibility?.


Proposals need to be as infectious as possible. We can all
make a difference ?every individual
builds up or destroys human values while travelling

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