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An Evening with Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond talked about his involvement in green and responsible tourism – concepts which he argued are used interchangeably. Richard's blog at weaves together the environmental, social and economic issues to create stories that  people want to read and repeat.

Richard argued convincingly that it is the story that matters – it is difficult to mix green and flying, but it is the experience that people want to read about, that is what makes them want to book.

Richard argued that in future people were likely to take trips closer to home and perhaps take one long haul trip a year to a developing country.

There was a lively discussion about the Tom Robbins Observer article (see previous blog) and about whether green labels could deal with the complexity of the issues. Veronica Tonge pointed out that it does not have to be all or nothing – there are very holiday experiences which are entirely responsible – it is better to do something than nothing.

Take a look at Richard's site
” GreenTraveller is a guide for anyone looking to travel in a way that
lessens their impact on the environment and provides genuine benefits
for conservation and local people in the destination.”

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