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A priceless lesson in Maasai Life

Today’s Observer carries a story written by Catherine Mack who
recently graduated from the MSc in Responsible Tourism Management about the work
which Cheryl Mvula, one of the students on the ICRT precursor Tourism and Conservation
courses at UKC, has done in the Maasai Mara. It is good to see two of our
alumni working together ?to make better places for people to live in, and
better places for people to visit.?

?In January 2006, Dr Cheryl Mvula, a consultant in responsible tourism, came
to the Maasai Mara on holiday from the UK, and decided to take a cultural tour
of Enkereri, a Maasai village. She paid $20 and watched as the money was given
to the village elders. After her tour, she was shown the women's craft work.
The women appeared really desperate to sell to the tourists, even though her
tour group had just given the village $100.

Cheryl made some enquiries and a contact who worked for a Kenyan tour operator
told her: 'While you are off looking at curios, your driver guide takes the
money back from the elders. They leave them $4 out of the $100. That's how it's
been working here for 30 years.? Read the rest of the story at

The Observer is running some very good features promoting Responsible
Tourism – see for example its piece on 20 Best Agrotourismos in Mallorca. Read it online at



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