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A "holiday" in Oman

I have just spent a week in Oman with Kate, a country with a
rich cultural heritage and a diversity of landscapes. We visited the Oryx
reintroduction programme and the conserved houses in Muscat which house rich ethnographic

While I was there I had some meetings with OMRAN and the Ministry of Tourism
about what Responsible Tourism might have to offer Oman – the ideas were well received.
I had one of the most thoughtful and questioning lecture audiences I have had
the pleasure to address on Monday evening hosted by the Oman Environment
Society. Oman
has a lot to offer those tourists who want to explore Arab culture and to
experience the desert; there is even a remnant of cloud

We have three alumni in Oman.
Dana Sarhan is a current student working for the tourism development company Omran in Oman.
Tara Hammond is working for Six Senses at Zighy
as Social and Environment Officer and Claudia Eckhardt is
working as an independent consultant based out of Oman. There is a photo of us together in Muscat.

For a report of discussions about RT in Oman see Oman Observer 

With three alumni working together in Oman we should expect to see RT

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