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A belated 10th birthday party for

As Justin pointed out at the party,
sold only four holidays in its first year. Many told us that no one would want to
by a holiday they had found on and it was a bad time for .coms.We were crazy they said.

Ten years on since was founded on 6th
April 2001, it has grown  from just 15
holidays at the launch to almost 4,000 holidays in April 2011, and selling over
$100 million of responsible holidays. has played a major
role in the success of the Responsible Tourism Movement in the UK and around
the world.

Justin and were self-effacing at the
party we arranged together on the 10th Birthday, April 6th, to celebrate 10 year of Responsible Tourism. It was generous of Justin to stand
aside from the limelight. is a C21st equivalent of the medieval Fish
Street or Gold Lane ? it is the market place to find a Responsible Tourism trip.

It was good to be there, to share the celebration, to catch
up with friends and wish them every success for many years to come.

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