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    It is going to be a messy divorce – if it happens….

    When people divorce they want a fresh start, sometimes they already have a new partner in mind. Less often they just want to be clear of a relationship which although once significant  enough to them to generate a marriage, no longer is. In the Brexit divorce the party suing for divorce is a many headed hydra – during the campaign many promises were made,  some of which have already been disowned by Brextiers. The Brexiters never has and agreement about what they wanted post Brexit. The Brexiters are already divided and planning to exclude the man who started it all. Nigel Farage’s supporters are not going to accept that and…

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    Britain sues for divorce – but has no idea what it wants.

    Beware of what you wish for. I am being asked by friends and colleagues about what happens next – nobody knows. 37% of the UK electorate has decided that it wants a divorce. When and on what terms is unclear – but it will not be amicable and Britain is already clearly an outsider. Neither is it clear what future the Brexiters want. Of course Farage had said that if the result was close there should be a second referendum, he is not saying that now. “In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way. If the remain campaign win two-thirds to one-third that ends it.”…

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    The morning after …

    I am disappointed but not surprised by the outcome of the referendum and by Cameron’s decision to resign. Those Conservatives who express surprise that he has gone and who signed the letter asking him to stay on should note that you do not always get what you wish for. There are some grounds for thinking that what we have participated in as a referendum on membership of the EU was actually a campaign to determine the leadership of the Tory party. If you want to know who voted Out – the best data available is here The 17,410,742 people who voted for Britain to leave need to remember the promises…

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    I want my country back…..

    On the bus in Manchester this week: two NHS nurses in their late fifties, lamenting the state of the NHS, the queues and waiting lists, the missed appointments, the cost of interpreters, the lack of funding, the state of Britain and what it all means for their grandchildren. They are both going to vote leave because they are sick of Westminster politicians – as one said to the other “It can’t be worse if we leave….” For once in their lives, every vote counts: for too long, mainstream parties have courted the floating voters and ignored the alienated and the dispossessed. For once in their lives, they have a chance…

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