It Happens Here – Hotels and trafficking

The Centre for Social Justice published a policy report by the Slavery Working Group yesterday entitled It Happens Here

Support the the ‘Say Something if you See Something’ campaign


“The CSJ has heard disturbing reports of the use of hotels as venues by those trafficking
children for sexual exploitation. Of particular risk are the continental-style hotels which
have no reception staff, where check-in is automatic and there is very little monitoring
of guests and no accountability. In several cases reported to the CSJ, British children
trafficked in the UK have been abused in hotel rooms; in one case the police were able to
apprehend a perpetrator in a hotel room with a 14-year-old victim.91 It is therefore essential
that hotel staff are sensitised to issues of sexual exploitation and child trafficking, and are able
to spot the indicators that a child arriving in the hotel may be at risk. The National Working
Group for Sexually Exploited Children (NWG) has developed the ‘Say Something if you See
Something’ campaign in partnership with the Children’s Society and other organisations to
raise awareness of the issue amongst those working in the hospitality industry.

The CSJ recommends that prominent hotel chains in the UK take up the campaign, leading the way for smaller chains to follow suit.

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  1. Penny Munden says:

    Sexually trafficked children or adults may also be kept in houses near you. They can be in very nice residential areas. A few years ago an organisation against sexual trafficking located a brothel in a nice new apartment block right opposite the local police station. A local newspaper editor, whose paper advised this establishment, didn’t believe that what was being advertised as a massage parlour was in reality a brothel. After the brothel was visited by a TV presenter acting as a punter, with the police at the ready to go in and raid the premises, two trafficked women from two continents were found. Finally, the newpaper editor was convinced that what his paper was advertising were brothels, illegal under UK law.

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