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Reports of "tourists" climbing over corpses in Everest traffic jam

I wrote a few days ago about concerns being expressed about the traffic jam on Everest and the danger it posed. The danger was evidently real – four climbers have been confirmed dead on Everest this week Leanna Shuttleworth, a … Continue reading

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Overcrowding through tourism reaches new heights

Today’s Daily Telegraph reports that overcrowding was expected at the summit of Mount Everest again this weekend as 200 people will attempt to summit.  Last weekend a similar number tried and four died. There is a bottleneck at the Hillary … Continue reading

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Rachel’s volunteering experience in Nepal was bad, very bad.

It takes a rare kind of honesty to admit even to one’s closest friends that you did not enjoy a trip intended to change your life. Rachel has had the guts to say it and to write about it on … Continue reading

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